· Posting to via the API

Posting to via the API

The platform is going from strength to strength and every day it’s getting closer to being the perfect blogging platform for my needs. With the latest addition revealed this morning, Adam has added some lightweight, but helpful API support. There are a few features of the API, but a major one is of course the ability to post to from an external source. I use iAWriter for my blogging, mainly because I move around so much it’s nice to have my various posts in a format that can move with me (namely markdown).

This post has been written in iAWriter and pushed live via Shortcut I created with the help of the always awesome Maique and Adam. The Shortcut is very basic, and can definitely be made to be far smarter, but for my needs this works perfectly. It will take the simple Markdown from iAWriter and converts to a post. I’ve saved a template with my post metadata, such as date, slug, and tags, and … that’s it.

This isn’t a feature unique to, of course, but it’s a big step for the platform and makes it feel a lot more powerful and useful. I’m now almost certain I will cancel my subscription and move my blogging over to entirely. I don’t want to tweak my template too heavily, and it’s still a work in progress, but feel free to follow along via my RSS Feed.

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