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If you’ve followed me for any length of time you’ll have seen that I’m a serial blog starter / mover / abandoner. I’ve tried my best to be consistent, but I just love trying out new services. My current favourite plaything is my weblog. It’s also accessible from which I setup as a redirect.

It’s barebones at the moment, as it’s still in an ‘pre-alpha alpha phase’ and I’m assuming it’ll remain fairly barebones until release and beyond. It may look simple, but I’m having a real blast playing around with it. Adam, the creator, is releasing features for it daily in December, and announcing them via yet another fun feature, the 25 days of Advent calendar!.

So far I have the main page, an an About page placeholder and even a custom 404 page. It’s all still a work in progress my end also. I’m not spending too much time working on a theme or editing too much in case it gets reset as part of the alpha process, but it’s been great to learn about the new features daily and then applying it to my own blog.

The service continues to grow with great additions and I, again, am having a great time embracing everything that’s added. So far, as part of my subscription, I have the main profile, the blog, a pastebin for sharing text snippets, a status board, a way to create PURLs and … whatever this is. It also gives me access to a wonderful Mastodon instance.

I genuinely am trying to move my blog less, so for now I’m going to maintain my main blog, but also post to and experiment with and just see how things pan out.

I’m sorry to gush over this, but there are so few sites on the internet these days that give me this kind of joy to visit. Adam is a machine when it comes to the work and polish he’s putting into it and he wholeheartedly deserves the £5 a year fee. It’s going up to £20 a year next year and, if this helps to keep support coming, he absolutely deserves that amount also. I can’t recommend the entire suite of services more.

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