· The Apple Watch Ultra Isn’t For Everyone, But …

The Apple Watch Ultra Isn’t For Everyone, But …

Matt Birchler, speaking in his latest video for A Better Computer:

… I don’t think the Apple Watch Ultra is for everybody, but I do think it’s right for anyone who’s intrigued by some of the differentiating features it has that aren’t just applicable to people that do those extreme events.

I couldn’t agree with this statement more, as I think I made clear in my last post. When I saw the device showcased by Apple for the first time, I had a feeling this would be a relatively popular modal in the line up. Apple promotes their Pro iPhone line up for photographers, and videographers, which is a niche group. Despite this, it appears that the Pro range is the best selling iPhone device currently. I don’t believe the Apple Watch Ultra will be the best selling Apple Watch, they are different markets, but I do believe it’s clear that the appeal for the device is going to go far beyond the Bear Grylls of the world.

Once you get over the initially sticker shock of the price, you quickly realise that, in comparison to previous Titanium models it’s actually quite reasonable1 and you get some great improvements on a similar price point such as the increased screen size, amazing battery and the under rated action button.

I know we wont see any exact sales numbers for the device, but I would be willing to bet it will sell a lot better than a lot of commentators thought. I also think it’s a foray from Apple into the higher end, larger Apple Watch models and I fully expect a 49” version of the normal Apple Watch for Series 9 or 10.

A couple of weeks into Watch Ultra ownership and I really love it. I find myself doing a lot more on the device than I’ve done previously. I know what you can do is fairly limited, but it’s such a pleasure to look at and use I’ve been interacting with far more complications, and even checking (and mostly deleting to be fair) my Mail throughout the day.

If you’ve been considering the device, and the only thing holding you back is the feeling that it’s just not made for you do think again. If you can justify the price tag, and you enjoy the technology, I can’t recommend it enough.

  1. In comparison to other similar models, I’m not saying it’s a reasonably priced device in isolation. I felt this should be said again. ↩︎

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